Proxxon AH 80 - Surface Planer / Jointer - English review

Wed, May 10, 2017 One-minute read

Proxxon AH-80/>

Have been looking for a small surface planer and edge jointer for some time and although there a few things out there, some of the cheaper models (e.g,. Silverline) I was a bit suspicious of. If you’re trying to make things flat and square, then you really need the machine itself to be of a suitable quality in order to do that otherwise you’re probably better off not bothering. Many of the cheaper models looked a bit plastic-y and flimsy, until I stumbled across this one.

Sure, it’s not cheap… far from it… in fact it’s probably the most expensive thing in my workshop now, which is crazy considering its size… but something about the look of the Proxxon AH 80 looked like it meant business. Anything with a ridiculous name like Proxxon has to be good, right?

The main issue for me prior to buying it was finding a decent honest review out there of which there was essentially none (well, in English, anyway.) So I plopped for it on a whim. Fortunately - it’s OK.

I created a video review: