Packing fun

Fri, Oct 5, 2007 2-minute read

How exactly do you fit your life (or what roughly constitutes the stuff you need to live your life) in to one bag? Bearing in mind that you will have to carry this bag, with you, in all kinds of places, for who-knows how long whilst trying to be prepared for most eventualities. Not to mention the fact that I could quite easily set up a mobile pharmacy with all the drug-precautions I’m taking with me or give Annie Liebowicz a run for her money, lens-wise.

And it’s all changed since I last had to pack for a trip like this. Way back then - 1998 ish, when I was leaving for Tanzania - I made the biggest schoolboy-rookie-n00b mistake on the planet - I took waaaay too much stuff. Well, I’ve learnt my lesson. Nowadays it’s all about the minimalism. Heck, all the cool kids now roll their clothes, just to shave a couple of extra nanometres off their internal volume. Well, if that’s what the cool kids do, that’s what I will do.

In fact, rolling with it is a pretty good strategy. And I’m not just talking about my grundags here - rolling with it in life, or at least in a trip such as this - is the way forward. I’m convinced that 97% of high blood pressure is caused by worrying about _every_ _little_ _thing_ and that if you cut yourself a little slack every now and then - and accept that pretty much, shit *is* going to happen - then you can be a lot more stress-free.

Maybe I won’t take my Guinness slippers after all.