And so it begins.

The next chapter of my life is here. I’m in Guernsey. So far so good, but then I haven’t started to do any work yet. Nope, so far it’s been beach, and fishing. Absolutely knackered though - I think my body is rejecting the fact that thus far I’ve not been at work this week. It’s wondering why it hasn’t been to bed at 3am. Hopefully it’ll adjust soon enough.

Matt's Gone to Ireland

I’ve been and gone. Whilst out there, I thought I would do a whole splendid topic post about it all, but actually, I can’t be bothered. I’ll post a few notes, but generally speaking, I had a wicked time, covering about 1000 miles in 5 days. The Trip: Southampton to Ireland, via the Stenaline Fishguard - Rosslare ferry on a 5 day return supersaver. Thanks to a discount in BiKE magazine, I got a spanking deal, and it cost me £60 return.

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CBR600 FX Cam Chain Tension Lifter (CCTL)

I finally got around to sorting the annoying rattle from the Cam Chain Tension lifter on my ‘99 Honda CBR600 FX. It had been bugging the shit out of me for nearly as long as I’ve had the bike, and whilst doing a bit of hunting around got the problem diagnosed as the CCTL. The Hayne’s manual doesn’t cover this pesky little problem, but fortunately, I found an excellent guide to it over at Boss Turbo.

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This Blog

This is being written from the future… around 2022 to be precise, but trying to capture the history of the site. This blog has been through various incarnations over the last 25 years or so. It originated in the very early days of Geocities but actually on the XOOM platform. It was a hand-crafted abomination in Microsoft Frontpage. At some point in the early 2000s it tried to grow up when it got moved on to the b2 cafelog platform, and lived there for a while.

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