At last a macOS update I can get on board with

I’ve used “the Mac OS” for longer than I care to admit but through many, many incarnations over the years. In the early days, you would look forward to the releases/updates of new major versions because they would bring major innovation. But over at least the last 5 major versions, I’ve updated but experienced very little in the way of new functionality that has been of any real use or interest. In most cases, it usually just becomes more irritating to use.

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MySQL - get previous and next rows in one query

Over on the Cortex blog we have a janky-ass blog system that uses some filthy PHP and MySQL to do news article type things. I wrote it, it’s disgusting, we should do better, but it is what it is. The plumber’s toilet, and all that. Pending some time to actually do it properly, we wanted to polish the turd enough that it was semi-functional - and this included having in-post navigation - so that, from a post you could either jump forward or backwards to the post.

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Hugo escape shortcodes for display

In the post on bootstrap style tables in Hugo I wanted to show the actual shortcodes you needed to create in your templates. But in some cases, Hugo was helpfully rendering the shortcode as the actual output, rather than the raw code. (This is likely because I have unsafe set to true for historic reasons.) You can create code blocks using backticks, e.g., ``` code here ``` but if you try and include HTML (or similar), then the tags themselves just disappear:

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Bootstrap Style Tables in Hugo (without bootstrap...)

Tables in Markdown are a bit of an anomaly that requires a mish-mash of hypens and pipes. You can get the basics from this article at markdownguide. By default, though, how these then render will depend on your template (and the configured CSS) but it’s reasonable to say there’s a chance the tables will look a bit shit. What if we could have swanky looking tables à la bootstrap? Yep, but what if you don’t actually use bootstrap in your theme?

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Samyang Korean Spicy Ramen Noodle - Results

Here’s a summary of testing and whatnot. Be sure to read the intro blog in this series for this make any sense whatsoever. Pic Flavour Date Tried Heat Scale Overview Link Jiajan 09/03/2022 7/10 8/10 - Excellent! Review Stew 10/03/2022 7.5/10 8/10 - really good, nice heat, bit of lip-tingle. Review Kimchi 11/03/2022 7.5/10 6/10 - very edible, but forgettable Review Cheese 14/03/2022 6.5/10 6/10 - doable, but slightly dodgy smell Review Carbonara 15/03/2022 5/10 5/10 - nothing wrong, just a bit bored now.

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Samyang Korean Spicy Ramen Noodle - Intro

And now for something completely different. Long story short, I bought the mixed pack of Samyang Korean ramen noodles from Amazon and I’m planning to document my experience of trying them. Background I like spicy food. I am a solid vindaloo in the curry house; but will always try hotter (or milder) as may be available. My tastes have definitely mellowed as I’ve got older and nowadays I definitely prefer things slightly milder than my younger years, but I will still not shy away from a challenge - and my ‘mild’ is still considerably hotter than others I know.

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Adding decals to carbon road bike wheels

If you find yourself in the unexpected position of needing to add decals to your bike wheels, this is the quick and easy way to do it… Respect. (Deja vu?)

Removing decals and stickers from road bike wheels

If you find yourself in the unexpected position of needing to remove the stickers or decals off your bike wheels, this is the quick and easy way to do it… Respect.

Migrating Wordpress comments to HashOver for Hugo

I’ve briefly covered thoughts around adding a comment system in to this blog since it was migrated to Hugo. I won’t rehash the decision making process - but fundamentally I wasn’t going to go with Disqus and wanted a simpler solution. There are various options out there and tl;dr I ended up choosing HashOver, mostly for the following reasons: It appeared to be reasonably simple to stand it up completely external to the ‘main’ site, i.

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If this is the future of challenger finance, maybe it really is time for crypto. Starling Bank

A walk-through of the frustrations of operating with modern finance operations like Starling Bank. To be clear - it will never be time for crypto… I have blogged in the past at the frustrations of trying to deal with large organisations. Several years ago, I was moaning about how much I hate ’no-reply’ from addresses in comms with BA as the example. And before that, I talked about what happens when you let your systems run your comms, like TripAdvisor does.

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