Samyang Korean Spicy Ramen Noodle - Intro

And now for something completely different. Long story short, I bought the mixed pack of Samyang Korean ramen noodles from Amazon and I’m planning to document my experience of trying them. Background I like spicy food. I am a solid vindaloo in the curry house; but will always try hotter (or milder) as may be available. My tastes have definitely mellowed as I’ve got older and nowadays I definitely prefer things slightly milder than my younger years, but I will still not shy away from a challenge - and my ‘mild’ is still considerably hotter than others I know.

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Adding decals to carbon road bike wheels

If you find yourself in the unexpected position of needing to add decals to your bike wheels, this is the quick and easy way to do it… Respect. (Deja vu?)

Removing decals and stickers from road bike wheels

If you find yourself in the unexpected position of needing to remove the stickers or decals off your bike wheels, this is the quick and easy way to do it… Respect.

Migrating Wordpress comments to HashOver for Hugo

I’ve briefly covered thoughts around adding a comment system in to this blog since it was migrated to Hugo. I won’t rehash the decision making process - but fundamentally I wasn’t going to go with Disqus and wanted a simpler solution. There are various options out there and tl;dr I ended up choosing HashOver, mostly for the following reasons: It appeared to be reasonably simple to stand it up completely external to the ‘main’ site, i.

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If this is the future of challenger finance, maybe it really is time for crypto. Starling Bank

A walk-through of the frustrations of operating with modern finance operations like Starling Bank. To be clear - it will never be time for crypto… I have blogged in the past at the frustrations of trying to deal with large organisations. Several years ago, I was moaning about how much I hate ’no-reply’ from addresses in comms with BA as the example. And before that, I talked about what happens when you let your systems run your comms, like TripAdvisor does.

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Twitter - advanced search to find your old tweets

Here’s a quick tip to help you find something you may have tweeted in the past. Provided you can remember a word or two about it, then chances are you’ll be able to find it with Twitter’s advanced search. Simply head to which will pop open a nifty form which is pretty self-explanatory: but that form scrolls, allowing you to target specific accounts: Robert’s your father’s brother. Magic. (Not to be confused with this joker.

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Goodnight, Frankie

My heart is broken. x RIP Frankie, 2007-2022 💔 The best hound ever.

Deploying Hugo sites - rclone to the rescue?!

I’ve posted earlier in this series my thoughts and experiences of migrating a Wordpress blog over to Hugo. So far I have not been too favourable although the majority of that is down to the muscle-memory invested in having a browser-based CMS publishing platform and the many conveniences that provides you. One of the major teething issues I was having was with the literal publishing process of new content. For a brand new site - it’s pretty simple, you create your output and then just SFTP the whole dang lot up to your webhost.

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Updated Initial Thoughts on Hugo

Update after a few weeks… It’s worth prefacing this with a short detour as to why I upgraded migrated this blog from Wordpress. I’ve already published some technical and other reasons for it - performance and security mainly - but the subtext to it all was that I wanted to get back in to blogging - and blogging more regularly. For some reason, I had become convinced - possibly persuaded - that doing this in a static file generator such as Hugo was the way.

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2022 - exploring creative stuffs again

In 2021, I spent a lot of time (a) working and (b) training for a half-Ironman. In 2022, I want to turn some of that focus back towards some creative things. I’ve already dusted off my Flickr account1, I’ve created an “Insta” for more regular photo blogging-y things but to be honest, the main thing I want to have more fun with is video. I’m not talking TikTok (not yet at least!) but there are many ideas I have for getting more creative with video.

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